Thursday, July 8, 2010


Beck has got me hooked on TIKI! Her and I are amassing a rather extensive collection. We pick them up at every Polynesian restaurant we can and I scour thrift store for them! Just a couple weeks ago I got a great Blue Shrunken Head from the Kowloon! Ill post a picture after I move into Beck's(seeing as id resides with all the other tiki mugs in the living room)
But just the other day I picked up two more from my GoodWill(the two ran me $1.33, I'm a big Spender)
Beck has slowly been tiki-ing my brain like it's her job. It started with bringing me to the HuKuiLou for the first time on Christmas. Then the Kowloon. Then she gave me a Hawaiian/Atomic swim set. And then made me buy a vintage Hawaiian shirt at Brimfield last year. Now she's got me hooked. I have 5 different vintage Hawaiian shirts plus my swim set. I don't even know how many 40s-60s Hawaiian albums I've bought. It really is getting to be a problem, and I really don;t mind one bit. It's Brimfield next week, I'm limiting myself on what I can buy. Only records, clothing, and cheap tiki mugs.

Anyone else share the love of the tiki?


  1. I sure love Tiki. But it's hard to find here.
    -Andi x

  2. I am very much a tikiphile.
    Unfortunately it's a bit harder to come by here in England.