Saturday, July 17, 2010

Help out a fellow blogger!

Ms. Eartha Kitsch has entered a contest where she could win a boatload of money. She is awesome, so is her blog. Her blog is new but it is one of the best out there! You should vote for her one a day everyday until the contest is over! I know I will be! Also invest in reading the posts on her blog. I really love them and I love her dear!

OKAY heres the deal!
Go here to vote! Do it once a day!
( if the link doesn't work!)

Here is Ms. Kitsch's Blog


  1. You are the BEST! Thank you a million times over. And just think...if Ma Kitsch wins that money, we really CAN adopt you! :)

  2. YAY!!! Ma Kitsch. I like the sound of that. Now you gotta win. I want to live with that dear thats always in costume!

  3. Oh child, today...we got two more deer! By the time that the adoption process is done, you'll be living in a glorified Pee Wee's play house!

    Thanks again for your post on the contest!