Sunday, May 30, 2010


You folks are gonna die when you see all of the stuff I've scored in the last day and there is more where that came from. There is this house at the end of my street that two spinsters lived in their whole life. Never threw anything away and filled every space in their house with stuff. One of them made all of her clothes cause she was 6 feel tall and a size 13 shoe. So I have found some AMAZING vintage dresses and patterns for cheap for the pinup costume closet. Iw ill take pictures tomorrow. We are showing the house in the morning so I have to hide it all. haha

GODDAMN I am excited like woah about this stuff. I seriously got like 20 pairs of stockings still on their carboard(One pair of Schaparelli stocking in the pink and black box) and I got like 20 more pairs that are from the 70s but still in packing for girls who forget stockings when they shoot. They still look good 50s or not.

I will start photographing I can't even process eveything yet. SO far I have spent $32. Be Jealous. I get to help go through the house on Tuesday. I am dipping into my savings for this. Who needs to pay or college? hahaha well I will but not yet!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

KitschCake ReMake!

After going to the flea market and finding nothing yesterday I did my friend Cece's hair and makeup and turned her into a little pinup princess! I figured I would share how it all came out with you. I used my 60s hot rollers I just scored. I also referenced the Vintage Hairstyling book I recently purchased. I also had died her hair a few weeks ago. I did the pink-ing for her. I'm pretty okay when it comes to hair and makeup stuff. I was recently asked to do a wedding so I'm going to talk to the girl and see what the deal it etc.

So this is Cece pre-makeover, she's cute but really, we can do better than that! Just after finsing the hot rollers and starting to do her makeup! I did all white shadow and a cat's eye. Nothing too extreme but fun!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Per Rueby's Request, there will be no more vlogs

Heres the photos of my stuff I got yesterday. I don't think I will be able to do daily posts if I don't do a video(but lets hope I can) With the moving and packing and finishing Beck's Birthday stuff and tryin go get KitschCake off the ground paired with school and getting ready for finals I don't have the time to do everything the way I like it.

BUT here are the things I scored on Monday. I don't have any pictures of things I bought today. I can try to shoot them tomorrow but I doubt I will have time. But I did start sewing one of the patterns I bought. I'm tres excited about that!

Can someone please buy me a pair of Freddies of Pinewood men's 40s jeans with the buckle back? Please? Cause really, I can sew you somthing or take in your clothes or paint a picture or sell you something in exchange. I can also do a three outfit shootin exchange! thats like 12 pictures. C'mon. I really need them. And Im getting shitty hours at work, need to pay for car insurance and my thrifting this week. Let's face it. I'm throughly disappointed in a whole lot of things right now.

Brimfield Day Two! Video Blog Three

So I went and did the Brimfield thing today! I had a lot of fun and met some nice people! But I made a few purchases I was very happy with. Everything was $10 or under. I will have pictures soon too!

By the way, are people watching the Video Blogs?


P.S. Im not going to Brimfield tomorrow, so where will I thrift? Who knows maybe you will have to watch and find out!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Brimfield Flea Market is one of the BEST flea markets. I love going. It happens three times a year for 6 days. I love it so much so I decided to do somthing videoblogs this week about my finding.

This is me post thrifting!!

If people like my VLOGs I will do more .

Mary Delux?

You know, the cutest blogger around! She is the reason that I started my blog! It is no where NEAR as good as hers but I try my best. She recently hit 400 followers that crazy lady! It's no surprize! Her posts are awesome and she finds some of the BEST vintage pieces. I almost die when I open her page sometimes. But Don't worry it hasn't killed me yet but make me insanely jealous! So Check this pretty lady out! Comment on her posts etc! YOU'RE GONNA LOVE HER, I PROMIS!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Picnic Photoshoot!

I had another KitschCake photo Group shoot! It was yesterday, Saturday, and it was one of THE best shoots I have ever had! I decided I would post a few teasers! Let me know what you think!