Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nick Curran and the Lowlifes! Stories of my Weekend and a little CD review

This weekend my friends and I saw Nick Curran and the Lowlifes 3 times!! The last three stops on their tour for their latest album "Reform School Girl"

The Gang Friday night at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Adriane, Amy, Myself and Beck. The show was amazing, and sold out with a line outside!! The Swinedells opened that night, it was their last show and it was a good one! The whole show was put on my WMFO's DJ Easy Ed who was spinnin' great stuff all night! Beck and Arianne(who took the picture above) did jive, bop and stroll lessons before the show for anyone who wanted to learn(sadly, only one person showed up or that other than our group)

Saturday night we all headed to Chan's in Woonsocket, RI. Chinese food and good rock n roll! WHo could ask for more? Well anyone who ate would have asked for better food and not being sick because f the awful food but that's beside the point. The Lowlifes put on great show, as expected and it was worth the hour and a half drive. But I felt extremely awkward eating while the band was playing that I couldn't while they were playing(along with the fact that I can't eat in front of people and I was sitting next to the lit up stage in a dark room) By the way look at Beck's great repro lucite purse! She bought it at Viva this year when she was hanging out with her from Scott from Top Stitch Vintage(He wasn't selling it, but he was buying one for his wife and made the woman sell Beck one at wholesale! WIN!)

The Next night we followed the band up to Portland, Maine! We decided that since we don't get great music like this all the time that we were taking advantage of it while we could, because really what's another two hour drive. The venue, called "Venue Music Bar" was pretty awesome. They had hosted a rockin' all dayer the day before that I'm told went really well!

SO that's the story time portion of this blog. The weekend was a success, we snuck me into two 21+ shows in one weekend, saw an amazing amount of great music and made new friends!

Now onto the review. "Reform School Girl" is an awesome album. There is a great mixture of songs on it and it flows really nicely. It's got a great bluesy garagey rockin feel. You can tell that Little Richard was an influence for the band! Nick is an amazing performer, he sings great(especially thinking about how he JUST got deemed cancer free right before the tour after his battle with tongue cancer) and his guitar skills are impeccable.
My favorite song off the album is the title track "Reform School Girl" It's catchy as sin.
All of my friends are really big on "Psycho" and "Filthy" which are both awesome songs!

All in all Check the album out. See them if they're in your area. They are a great band to see. I would see them 3 times in 72 hours, oh wait I DID!


  1. Great ! i'm jealous i would like do the same.

  2. I really want to see this band. I've seen a couple of youtube clips and the sound is always kinda crappy but the action is amazing.

    I've heard that all the guys in his band right now play multiple instruments. Does anyone know if that's true?

    Thanks for the write up. Felt like i was there.

  3. I have heard of them doing some instrument switcharoos and it being good!

    I really suggest seeing them if you can, they are awesome live!