Monday, August 16, 2010

Lack of posts

Sorry for the big old gap between posts. I have had a crappy week(that included a small car accident while on a date, being given a hickey the size of Texas(ew, but if you would like to see it i will totally upload pictures, this thing really was huge) and then getting a "let's just be friends" email all within 24 hours then throw in a lack of emotional support for my first real time being rejected by a guy sent me spiraling into a dark abyss that has been my life.) So Im in Western Mass now. and I never want to leave again. I like my comfort zone and I dont want to go back to the north shore for along time. Sadly I start school in like two weeks so I have to go back.

But Milltown was great and I got to help do hair on Roy Varga's shoot that Sunday. I also got to have him and Viva Van Story give me some feedback on my photos. I got exactly what I figured I would from Roy. I need to fix my lighting.

Oh by the way, it's totally my birthday. Still a baby though, only turned 19

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Return to the Milltown!

As the weekend slowly approaches the highlight of my summer draws nearer. The Return to the Milltown show is the best show in Massachusetts if not all of New England. It's Friday and Saturday this weekend and I can hardly wait. Beck and I talk about this show year round. Lance and Grace(pictured below, Photo by Roy Varga) are some of the greatest people and the best show promoters out there!
This weekend has 18 kick ass bands from all different areas of the rockin' spectrum! They really put a great lineup together! I know it'a gonna be a great time seeing a whole lot of great bands, great people and some kick ass cars to-boot! Last year on Saturday the show filled to capacity and there were over 800 cars(or at least that's what I've heard all I know is that the huge field was full of great pre'67 cars)

So if you're around this weekend and live within a couple hours of Palmer Mass(my home town) you should make the trek to the Return to Milltown at Crossroads on Park ST in Palmer MA!

If i remember to bring my camera I will do a Milltown post when I get back in town!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jell-O and Hank Snow

IT'S SUNDAY! You know what that means in Suburban Wonderland?

BUt we don't just watch MadMen, we watch MadMen and eat Jell-o!
The soundtrack to my Jell-O making is Hank Snow "Souvenirs" it's very good I recommend Mr.Snow to anyone who likes good vintage country. He also has a pretty darn good Hawaiian album called "Snow In Hawaii"

While Beck is away I play homemaker. I made the Jell-O when she was on her way home from her parent's house in Western Mass. I must say I'm happy she has the quintessential Jell-O glasses for me to make Jell-O in!

Beck and I actually use our vintage dishes on a daily basis. As I have mentioned before we both collect Blue Heaven. I like to use the mixing bowls to make Jell-O in because they have the spout-y handles!

I made the Blackberry Fusion for tonight's family time of MadMen watching. I've never had this flavor before but it smelled very good! I'll tell you what I end up thinking of it.

I'm starting to settle into the area a little bit more. I don;t like driving around here because the people are assholes and a lot of things are on highway like road(and since I am a new driver I'm not the best with driving on them) But I did drive myself to the Sonic in Peabody last night.
It was worth the stress-riddened drive there.