Wednesday, July 7, 2010

17 days in counting

(this is not my set or my photo, This has a couple pieces Im missing but I wanted to give you an idea of my set)
I move into Suburban Wonderland in 17 days. I'm getting pretty excited. but also worried. I used to be worried about living in the house and being uncomfortable alone. But After this weekend when I had the house to myself for a few hours (and not feeling weird) I'm not worried about that stuff anymore. But I still have a few worries.
Would you like to know them? Maybe help?
One of my biggest worries is hardly even connected to my new living situation. It's about the move. ABout 75% of my stuff is vintage. And a good amount is ceramic and glassware. I am worried about things breaking over the two hour drive to the new house. I already moved all of my Blue Heaven there. It took three medium-ish boxes. I haven't even looked at them since I brought them there( I hope nothing broke but I'm too afraid to check anyways) there are only 9 things In those boxes that I couldn't cope with breaking. Thats my Blue Heaven Coffee Pot(which I scored for $6 at Savers) and my set of 8 Blue Heaven old fashion glasses. The rest I could find again if I lost a pice or two.

I'm also really worried about moving in with my best friend. I won't know the area for the first month or two and I'm worried about smothering Beck and having her hate me because I'm always around.

I'm also worried about maintaining KitschCake. I get a lot of my props from Weekly thrifting trips. I have a lot of holes in my wardrobe and props and I'm worried about being in the city where good finds are sparse(fucking hipster scum stealing the things that are Important to me. which I will do a post about next).

But all around I'm excited to Move into Suburban Wonderland and go to Montserrat


  1. good luck with your move,hope nothing gets broken!

  2. Pack everything really well and don't drive like a demon child and you should be good! hehe

    As far as hippsters go...I feel your pain. I'm 38 and have been collecting since your age. In the last 10 years or so "vintage" has been seen as cool! Gets harder to find and everyone wants it so prices go up. In a way, you're like a little hippster to me! :) But that's okay, I like you! :)


  3. I had a comforting comment from a shop owner once when we were talking about glass composition from the 50s versus now. I can't remember the details, but the metal content in the glassware from the 50s and earlier is different and makes them more resilient to breakage during moving and everyday life. Glasses are made cheaply now (shocking!) in other words.
    Just make sure everything is wrapped individually and utilize towels, especially for ceramics as I find they break far more easily than glassware.

  4. I won't deny that there is come hipster in me but Im not like the full fledged ones running around only wearing clothing that can be found ironic and drinking PBR(the official drink of hipsters)

    Ill just blame my generation. ;]

  5. there is an enormous Salvation Army in Saugus not far from Montserrat and you should check out Modern Millie's in Salem (also a location in marblehead), they have an amazing selection of women's vintage (can be a bit pricy though). Also, Poor Little Rich Girl and the Goodwill both in Davis Square in Somerville are great, hop on the train to get there. And the holy grail: Todd Farm Flea Market in Hamilton (about a 20 min drive) every sunday through october- get there EARLY, you won't be disappointed. if you go at the right time, you'll find some amazing things.

    if you focus on getting out and exploring your new city, you wont smother your roommate.