Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Barkcloth Drapes

So this is one of my very good friends I shot on Friday night in front of a drapes that I bought a few months ago.
SO I bought these at a flea market for less than $20 to my recollection. It was four panels and all the fabric left from when the previous owners hemmed them. I love them and they were worth it and then some. But I have no where to hang them and I feel like they are going to waste just sitting in my sewing room. I might shoot in front of them some more. I might try to sell them. I'm actually not the happiest with how shooting in front of them came out.
The are very nice, and the pattern is cool! I want something atomic though. The leave are very true to Massachusetts' 50s designs. Atomic wasn't huge. Which really sucks, it drives up the cost and rarity of all the nice knickknacks and furniture. I hardly ever find blond furniture.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweatin a sweater...well it's more a jumper

I've been working on knitting a sweater for, like 6 months. I can't constantly work on it, which sucks. But I've felt inspired today so im doing a bit of work on it. Im using a 1950s Crew Neck Ski Sweater pattern. Im going to alter the sleeve to make it have a short sleeve instead of a long one. I have a feeling I will never wear this one. Its kind of thick and It's not going to match any of my vintage, but it will look good with a nice pair of jeans so who knows. I started it when I was going through a minor goth stage. I go through them a few times year, I love goth and no on can stop me, we all have our guilty pleasures. Mine just happens to be Rasputina, Siouxsie Sioux and Jill Tracy)Back to why it wont match vintage. I made it in stripes, which isn't very anit vintage but its a purple and black stripe which is just gothy. But I dont mind. I know I will like to wear it during October when I usually feel the need to have a bit of creepy in my wardrobe.

SO I've never made a sweater before, and wow does this shit suck. I hate it but I know it will be worth it in the end. I know once I practice and I can do it I can do fancier things like knitting images into it. I want a cowboy sweater really bad. And I want one with some guitars and maybe some ones with atomic designs on it. And maybe make a silly kitschmas one and a cheesy one for halloween time. I love wearing sweaters sometimes, and I would love it more if I had exactly what I wanted(like a cowboy sweater)

Any pro knitters want to help me figure out how to make the sleeves short?

Actually, does anyone have a nice 1950s men's jumper pattern they would like to share. I can share what I have. I have a feeling I might not like this crew neck. so pretty much I might be looking for a whole new sweater pattern once I finish this one.
P.s. Im wearing my only pair of real glasses in the picture, all my vintage ones have no lenses, I can't afford that stuff!

Long time, no post!

Sorry for the break in posting. Im going through all of the college application stuff right now. Well more like getting my portfolio ready to show etc. Well my last bit of that is done on Thursday when I show my port. at my number one school, Montserrat college of Art. I'm really worried about that, I hate presenting in front of people I don't know, especially men. Hell I hardly like doing it in front of people I do know.( It's somthing with the worries that people hate me right off because I'm gay and pretty noticabley gay)

So on to lighter topics.
I finally got my Vampira portrait tattoo! I feel like I've been waiting forever but it's really only been about 1 year to six months. My tattoo artist did an amazing job, I really do love him and his work. Next time I visit him Im getting a Little Edie quote on my chest I think, or my vintage Rolifelx. I need to take a better picture of my tattoo before I post it. The one I have is pretty blurry. So Ill take one later.

On the music front, I saw Wanda Jackson a few nights ago and that was more than amazing! She put on a great show! Her flight was delayed and she hadn't even ladned in New York by the time I got to the club(after a three and a half hour drive to Brooklyn from Palmer Mass) She came right from the airport and got on stage 15 minuets later. She is rock n roll. I met her briefly after, sadly I didn't get to get a picture with her like I would have liked to, but she did sign a photo for me.

I've done some good thrifting lately. I got a pink 50s bathroom scale for $2. And Four girldes for $9 for the pinup studio. I also got a JFK ashtray and some new records.

I'll do a more in depth post about most/ all of these smaller topics hopefully with pictures.

Thank for follwing me byt the way, I have 13 follwers now and I need to thank Yesterday Girl for doing a little about me I really do appreciate it. I will try and do a lot more posting etc. And as usual in the retro blog-o-sphere I will do a give away when I get to 100 follwers!