Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Western Wednesday!

Today is Western Wednesday! I hope everyone dressed for the occasion! I donned my 1950s Jim Penny Gabardine western shirt. It's a child's shirt that I can sometime squeeze into! I ironed it and everything then I spent like a few seconds lying in bed and got it all wrinkled oh well.

I decided to wear a neck scarf today. I couldnt find an all black one do folded up inside is a printed set of switchblades haha!

But I just threw on my pair of everyday jeans and converse. I would really like to get some better pants, and I'm workin on it.

Anyone want to buy me a pair of Freddies? PLEASE?

WHat's the sounds track of today you ask? I have been listening to Charlie Thompson non stop! I love him! Ain't his voice dreamy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Happy Tropical Tuesday everyone! What IS Tropical Tuesday you ask? Well It's a holiday I invented this morning so I could wear my new vintage Hawaiian Shirt! I will get better pictures of it soon!! But For now I have this one!

How does one celebrate Tropical Tuesday you say? Well don your pretties Hawaiian frock and sunglasses put on Annette Funicello's "Hawaiianette" and have a pineapple-y drink in a tiki mug! Break out your parasol and head outside if its warm and sunny!
This is my first outfit post by the way!
So I just recieved that shirt from Beck last night! It was in her closet waiting for the right guy(a.k.a me) to get in it and have it fit like a glove. It is great quality. I love the pockets they are all stain lined too!
Then Im just wearing some jeans from work
And some classic chucks.
Oh and my sunglasses are really bad quality rayband knock offs my Mom picked up for $2 for me!
Last night I decided I'M getting a pair of Freddie's. Now I just need to save up for them!
MAKE TODAY TROPICAL TUESDAY ON YOUR BLOG TOO! It will be a good time! And don't worry, every Tuesday can be Tropical Tuesday so if you missed it this time, do it next week! It's fun to have a holiday in the middle of the week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Jeans

I want a nice pair of vintage or repro 1950s men's jeans. I want to have a pair to wear. I have a couple pairs of trousers and like them and I have seen a few pairs of vintage jeans that just make me swoon. But Right now as I am looking online I cannot for the life of me find a good photo or any good repro I can afford. Does anyone have any ideas? When I buy vintage pants I like them to have a higher waist. I like them to sit at my hips or higher. I don't care about company or anything. I do like when the jeans have the tightener on the back around the small of the back. Along with wanting some jeans I want to get a nice pair of overalls. But really I just need to get more shirts. I only have like 11 vintage shirts. I have a sewinig pattern but the sleeves are wonkey. If anyone has any men's sewing patterns for a chest size of about 38-40 I can pay you whatever you paid for them and give them a good home. I want to get a few shirt patterns and a blazer/jacket pattern. My dream is to find a trouser pattern but I know I won't find one.

I need to get back into sewing. I'm sad I've fallen out of it but my sewing machine is kind of broken and there is no one around to fix it.
Well I am on the hunt for jeans. If anyone can help I would love to work somthin out! This is one of the times when I get very jealous of ladies. THey get WAY better vintage clothes that is WAY easier to come by.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Bedside table

Is finally back, next to my bed! It's been hiding in the basement since January when I did the Valentines Day shoot! But the only reason I can have it in there is because I had to take everything else out pretty much because we are selling the house. I'm starting to pack things up, it sucks I hate it. I'm giving some of my vintage glassware away to friend who just got an appartment and has, like nothing. I want to sell my Crosey and buy a better one. But much to my dismay I have found out they discontinued the Stack-O-Matics. Which is what I wanted.

I love my Moonbeam Alarm clock! It is seriously THE best alarm clock I have ever used. And I will wake up from the light some mornings which is nice.

These are my vintage spex(sans lenses for the time being) And a vintage knitting magazine from my good friend and vintage love of my like Desiree, a.k.a. the art*deco*dame.

I'm sorting through all of my vintage in the near future so hopefuly more pictures soon!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Selling the House

My mom is selling our house. I'm kind of sad but it will be good for the whole family! There is so much negativity in the house(seeing as its a house that my father's family build etc and he isn't a part of life at all anymore really and just a source of greif for my mom!) I'm moving to Suburban Wonderland, my sister and getting a place with her boyfriend near school and my mom is coming into a smaller house. The biggest issues with this moving thing is that I need to pack up and get rid of a lot of my shit. I don't know what Im going to do about my vintage. I refuse to get rid of a lot of it which makes it hard to move. SO I might be posting things on here to sell etc.