Monday, January 25, 2010

Vintage Fabrics

On Friday Beck, who I have talked about before, and I went shopping together after I got out of school. She and I went to my friend's vintage shop Grace Black Vintage, where we found a whole bunch of great things (She has a Hey-Wake table, set of 4 chairs and buffet!!!!!) Next we moved on to Osgoods Fabrics in West Springfield, which oddly enough Retro Renovation( also visited this week and did a post about! She eye'd and photographed a fabric I almost bought! It's the Atomic one that was stained if you read her post! But I did end up buying somthing else. I bought an atomic reproduction fabric in green. It all looks like musical intruments. I have a couple pictures of the pattern.

It's a nice barkcloth! I got it for $9 a yard. I only bought two because I'm not sure what I'm making out of it yet. Is it weird that I want to make a cabana set out of it? I'd find a nice lining for it if I do it. I have my other one to model patterns off of. Who knows, if all goes according to plan I might be going to Viva!

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  1. Hope you don't mind kiddo, I've mentioned your blog on my blog as one to follow. x