Friday, January 8, 2010

Valentines Day Pinup Shoot! Help?

Right now I'm working on throwing my Valentines day shoot together. I have so much to make and get ready! I need to make A set of nice red drapes for the background, which won't be too hard. Make some pillows in matching fabric. Cover and pad a small audomin. Make and collect various props and some(very little) clothing.
And all of this needs to be done for the 23! I've got a lot of work ahead of me and little to no time. Right now I'm having troubling getting girls to book the shoot. As of right now with the number of girls I wont come close to breaking even. I'm charging $50 for 5 edited photos and that includes hair and makeup. Which I am doing myself this shoot. Which brings me to some questions if any of you ladies can help.
What kind of hairspray or setting lotion do you use?
If you use hot rollers, what brand and size are they?
What other methods of hair curling do you use effectively?
Where can I find nice makeup brushes that aren't too expensive? I wish I could buy MAC brushed and makeup but I could not afford that at all!
What Brand of makeup do you suggest?
What shade of red lips do you think is most versatile for most skin tones?
What colors of eye shadow should I get?
If you have any tips or trick I would greatly appreciate it!



  1. Hey Shane...You should check out AtomicCheesecake on myspace Stacey Barich's is the one woman army behind atomic cheesecake studio and she posted a blog last March about everything she recommends for her shoots.... Her photos rock and I think this

    will be helpful for you!


  2. HOlY MOLEY! I forgot she posted this! Thank you! I follow her so closey and love her work! Thank you so much missy!!