Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentines Day Pinup Shoot!

This past Saturday was the group shoot with my Valentines Day set. The whole set we built down to the wire, as most are with me. Haha! But it ended up coming out well. I shot 4 girls and for $50 they are getting 5 edited and watermarked photos for the web. Now of course, I had a friend take some photos of me in the set, it wouldn't be a group shoot if I didn't get shot.
It was a fun set. It didn't photograph the way I hoped. I had to use my flash, which I don't like doing because it casts shadows. But without my flash the drapes came off purple. I'll give you a bit of a backstage look. I had set up shop in my bedroom, which meant clearing it out etc.

As I went to hang up the drapes I realized I had nothing to hang them on so I just(to the unhappiness of my mother) banged in a few nails and strung it up on rope!

Hard at work? I think not! I have a feeling I was just putting on music. Gotta love Podcast on iTunes when You can't get your music to work. I love Easy Ed's Variety Hour(now two hours) Look it up!!

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