Monday, January 4, 2010

In the Middle of an Island....

This past New Years Eve I attended a Tropical themed party to ring in the New Year! It was, of course, in Suburban Wonderland! Beck and I got all dressed up in out vintage tropical best! She wore her Whirling Turban(well, not vintage but the next best thing) and I wore my 1950s Jantzen cabana set! It was great fun! Beck's house was a sweltering 85 degrees(she is the queen of the theme party!) The best part was there was a nice Massachusetts snow earlier in the day to really remind you, you're really in Massachusetts in the middle of winter. But once you got in Suburban Wonderland you wouldn't have know that!
Ain't we cute?

Since I am a good party goer I of course asked "What can I bring?" I could bring whatever I wanted so I decided to try my Domestic Goddess skill and make a Jello mold. Not a normal Jello mold, a 9.5 cup Jello mold. This thing was massive and my pride and joy! It was three different flavors layered. Orange, Strawberry and Raspberry! For it being my first Jello mold it was perfect! It tasted great but most importantly came out of the (1950s) Jello mold flawlessly!
9.5 cups of Jellorific fun!

A Proud father and his bouncing, baby...Jello?!

Well folks sorry about the delay. More posts to come. I want to make a post about the vintage shirt I was given. I nice Penny's Towncraft from the 50s.


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  1. Hi there! Thanks for your kind comments and stopping by my blog! I'm glad I've found yours too in the vintage Blogosphere! I love your Christmas pin up pictures, very cute indeed. x