Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saving a dime..

Now, I am a modern teenager so I cannot escape things like twitter, myspace, facebook and blogspot. Well I was reading through some tweets after school today and I saw one from Dita Von Teese, who I know I covet and many other vintage collecters do too! When asked "Do you dye your hair at home, or go and get it done professionally?" much to my surprize Miss Von Teese answered "At home! Garnier Blue/BLK=$8!" I am happy to see that she knows where to spend money(fabulous vintage clothing and burlesque props and costumes) and where to save(hair dye!)
I was just saying to someone that if I were to ever perform on stage in any manner(may it be sideshow, boy burlesque etc) that my name would be "Baby Shane" that way the name of my act could be "Whatever Happened to Baby Shane?"

I'm going to leave you with a video of Dita Von Teese. Oddy enough not stripping. But she does talk about a dildo camera.


  1. I would definately pay to see 'Whatever Happened To Baby Shane?'. Genius!

  2. Hi there. Found your blog through the gorgeous Yesterday Girl and was excited to see a boy blogging about vintage - I don't think there are many?

    Blue back. Hmm. Perhaps I should try that as mine is never black enough for my liking. ;] But I like to use organic hair-dye.

    Also, I love that video. Is it the one where she's talking about the guy who likes to see women litter? Best fetish ever.

    -Andi x