Sunday, December 6, 2009

A weekend in wonderland(Suburban Wonderland that is)

Graphic By Beck Rustic

So this weekend I spent my time out tward Boston living with my friend Beck and her asshole cat(who I love) Dolemite. I love spending the weekend there. Her home, is exactly that, Home. I get to sleep in the cowboy room. We always do somthing fun like go shopping or watch good movies. This weekend we watched "CRazy Love" which you need to see if you haven't! But the main event of this weekend was of course The Raging Teen's Holiday Hoedown!

I have wanted to go to a Raging Teens show for so long and I finally had the chance so Beck picked me up at work on Friday night and we headed out to her house for a weekend of 50s style fun in Suburban Wonderland. The first thing we did once in her neck of the woods was head to Sonic, because really what else do Beck and I eat? Nothing(is the answer.) After Sonic, which was delicious, we headed to the house to hang out with Dolemite and watch movies. As I said we watched "Crazy Love" which was amazing but half way through we were so tired we paused it for the night.

The next morning Beck and I finished the craziness that is "Crazy Love" then decided to pick out clothes for the show and then go shopping. I had never been to the Garment DIstrict so Beck decided we had to. Well I am more than happy we went there. They had a great men's vintage section. I got some trousers(with a few fixable flaws) and a nice shirt from the 50s for $25. Ill post pictures of them later. From there we went to Sonic again. We love it there, but we hate their music. We went home and decided we should get ready for that night so I played domestic godess and did all the ironing and picking out of clothes for the night then we watched somee Beyonce music videos and headed out.(Now if you are questioning why We would EVER want to watch Beyonce videos the answer is, we love a good drag show.)

The show was amazing as expected. I met some great people I hope to see aagin in the near future. After the show we trugged our way through the snow to the car(on the top level of the parking garage, unprotected from the elements) and made our way to the nice warm house for more movie watching. "The Girl Can't Help It" was the choice of the evening. Wel got tired and finished the movie in the morning again. And after watching Jayne Mansfield biography we watched "Pillow Talk"(which there was very little actual pillow talk but a lot of Doris Day being a shrew) After that we headed back to Western Mass. Now I sit here in my, not cowboy room not in suburban wonderland, and hate being back in the real world.

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  1. Awww! I'm glad you had a good time in my my tiny house.. even if Dolemite was an asshole to you!