Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Kitschmas!

A shot of me from my "Merry Kitschmas" Pinup shoot! I always get a couple pictures in my own sets.

You can see a few of my collected items. Like my 1950s Zenith and blond end table. I love putting together sets for shoots. I couldn't find an alluminum tree to use(one that I could afford that is. They go for about $200 around here) I'll post pictures of the girls I shot(there were 6) but I wanted to intorduce myself a little.

I'm 18. I live in Massachusetts. I've collected vintage and dressed in vintage for about 4 years.(I haven't changed my hair in four years, haha) I have recently jumped into the pinup world, as a photographer (though I know those photos might say "next Big Pinup Model") I'm working on making myself a studio so I can do it on the side to make money, but more to keep me happy.

I've made some great vintage purchases lately I will post a picture once my camera battery isn't dead. SO Tomorrow.

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