Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let there be light!

Last Friday I was off of school and my gal Friday, Beck was home for Thanksgiving so we spent the day thrifting like motherbitches. We made out pretty well I must say. I spent about $30. $6 on two of my pattern dishes(that I had never seen before then) The seller had 6, Beck bought 4 I bought 2. $1 on a super kitsch "Music To Live By" record. Around $3 on an eff-ton of records that included Tennessee Ernie Ford, The Inkspots and the "South Pacific" soundtrack and some amazing 45s(two of which I will talk about later." But the Best purchase of the day was a pair of lamps. I got them $20. I had spotted them about 3 months ago and asked for the price. They called me with it because the seller wasn't there(they ended up saying $35 in the message). My phone has died at the time so they held the lamps for the day or until they heard from me. Well I forgot to call them back and figured I lost the lamps forever and hadn't gone back until last week. Well I went into the cold furniture room and what did my eyes see? The lamps I wanted. And they were marked oown to $20. So I snatched those babies up. I didn't care if they worked or anything. I just bought all of my goods and left.

So this is one of the lamps. They are green with gold spots. The Fiberglass shades really take the cake. The two of the shades are well worth the $20 so I knew they were worth buying, working or not.

These are my two record scores. My favorite Johnny Cash song "ballad of a Teenage Queen" and from Annette Funicello's Hawaiianette "Pineapple Princess" I got them for ten cents each.

To say the least it was an amazing day of thrifting. We are doing it again in a couple weeks. I hope to find more treasures. Yesterday I got my 1940s wool coat in so I will post about that soon. It is AMAING! I love it! Now I just can't wait for it to get colder!!!

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  1. Good scores! That's my favorite Johnny Cash song, too!