Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kitschmas TUNES!

SO with it being Kitschmas time I figured I'd do a post about my favorite christmas albums. I love the Kitschmas season almost as much as I love halloween!

Christmas Caravan is MY FAVORITE christmas album to listen to! The Squirrel Nut Zippers are amazing. I love seeing them and I love this album! I couldn't find it anywhere for years and I finally bought it on iTunes. Though I wanted a physical copy. Oh yes, back to the album. SO My favorite song is either "Winter Weather" or "Gift of the Magi" Overall the whole album is really good and isn't very Jesus-y (which I am a fan of.)

Tennessee Ernie Ford "The Best of Christmas" is really that, the best. It is the perfect thing if you are into classic christmas sound. It is full of great songs that Tennessee does amaingly, as usual. My favorite might be his rendition of "White Christmas" I would say pick this one up if you like him, or like a nice classic christmas sound.

No Christmas is complete without Elvis's "White Christmas" This is usually the first album to be put on during the christmas season. I love the man, what can I say? My favorite off the album is "Blue Christmas" his version is my favorite christmas song to listen to! It is classic to say the least!

I also have a Johnny Cash one I like. And the ELF soundtrack rocks real hard! There is some great stuff on there. What are your favorites? I know I missed classics.


  1. Ooooo... i lurve snz and bought the christmas album the second it came out! i have all their albums and some stuff that ken mosher sent me special. if you want a burned copy of anything let me know!

  2. That would be amazing! I lost most of my SNZ stuff when i changed computers! I can't believe I missed this comment for like two weeks! This is Important stuff! haha

  3. no worries hun! what would you like copies of? any particular cd? i will mail it off with copies of all the rare stuff it you want. let me know!

  4. Whichever album you think is essential to every SNZ listener! I can't find any of mine except maybe perenial favorites.

  5. alright, because i'm a geek about snz. i have copied several albums and two of really rare stuff. let me know about sending them. are you going to viva? i could give them to you there too.

  6. Sadly Im not going to Viva :[ Im only 18 and can't get into anything. But my housemate is going. SO either I could make her meet up with you or you can mail them to me and just message me for my address.