Saturday, December 12, 2009

MadMen Appeal

I feel like MadMen has changed modern advertising this year(at least for Christmas). I am a mall employee(I work at Hot Topic, the kinda lame, but good enough, alternative music and clothing store) and when I leave to go on my break I keep seeing ass this vintage-y imagery in advertisements. The one I like it in the window of one of those engraving places. They have two different window stickers that they have been rotating in and out for the last month or so. One is of the perfect 50s Nuclear family. Blond Wife. Tall, dark, handsome Dad. Two kids, a boy and a girl. And their dog. Mom looks like Betty Draper, Dad looks like hes is supposed to look like Don(but really, can anyone be as good looking as him *swoon*) The little girl looks older than the little boy. And Mom is sitting on some sort of Mid-Century Modern chair. I need to get a picture of it. They just changed over to the other window sticker so I can't promise I can get one. The second one is theses two women from the back. They are both wearing overcoats and full skirted, knee length dresses with high heels. They are carrying bags and hat boxes and are wearing nice little hats. It is very cute. I enjoy seeing them when I walk around. Also in Macy's entrance from the mall there is a mannequin with nice vintage-y hair and in this gorgeous black dress. It has three quarter length sleeves, a full skirt and a great rolled collar. I know everyone likes a classic Christmas type look but I really think the success of MadMen is what's fueling all of this. And Frankly, I don't give a damn! I love seeing it. It makes the mall suck a little less.

I'll try to get pictures of all of the stuff! Luckily I don't go back until Monday! Yay! Weekend Off! Now I'm off to get ready to go to a Christmas Sale/event at my local vintage shop/tattoo parlor!

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