Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jell-O and Hank Snow

IT'S SUNDAY! You know what that means in Suburban Wonderland?

BUt we don't just watch MadMen, we watch MadMen and eat Jell-o!
The soundtrack to my Jell-O making is Hank Snow "Souvenirs" it's very good I recommend Mr.Snow to anyone who likes good vintage country. He also has a pretty darn good Hawaiian album called "Snow In Hawaii"

While Beck is away I play homemaker. I made the Jell-O when she was on her way home from her parent's house in Western Mass. I must say I'm happy she has the quintessential Jell-O glasses for me to make Jell-O in!

Beck and I actually use our vintage dishes on a daily basis. As I have mentioned before we both collect Blue Heaven. I like to use the mixing bowls to make Jell-O in because they have the spout-y handles!

I made the Blackberry Fusion for tonight's family time of MadMen watching. I've never had this flavor before but it smelled very good! I'll tell you what I end up thinking of it.

I'm starting to settle into the area a little bit more. I don;t like driving around here because the people are assholes and a lot of things are on highway like road(and since I am a new driver I'm not the best with driving on them) But I did drive myself to the Sonic in Peabody last night.
It was worth the stress-riddened drive there.


  1. omg I just made jello last night! Sugar Free Cherry and I used Lemon Lime seltzer instead of water! I love Jello!


  2. That sounds like the best idea ever. I must try it now. Since Beck and I have Jell-O at least once a week i bet it will get tried soon!

  3. Oh wow! Hank Snow! Just for you - a special dedication from your Maw - I'm going to go take photos of Hank Snow's "Rainbow Ranch" home next just for you! It'll be next in the series. His house is just down the road a piece from my house.

  4. AWWWW MAW! Thats so exciting!!! I'm very excited to see this "rainbow Ranch" that you speak of!

  5. you're just so COOL! We use all our vintage plates too :) xx