Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Western Wednesday!

Today is Western Wednesday! I hope everyone dressed for the occasion! I donned my 1950s Jim Penny Gabardine western shirt. It's a child's shirt that I can sometime squeeze into! I ironed it and everything then I spent like a few seconds lying in bed and got it all wrinkled oh well.

I decided to wear a neck scarf today. I couldnt find an all black one do folded up inside is a printed set of switchblades haha!

But I just threw on my pair of everyday jeans and converse. I would really like to get some better pants, and I'm workin on it.

Anyone want to buy me a pair of Freddies? PLEASE?

WHat's the sounds track of today you ask? I have been listening to Charlie Thompson non stop! I love him! Ain't his voice dreamy!


  1. I love Charlie Thompson!!! I saw him at the Rhythm Riot 2 years ago. His voice is A-MA-ZING!! Looking forward to what theme you come up with for Thursday...x

  2. Im thinking Trailer Park Thursday! So it would be 50s vacation-y kind of trashy and super kitsch. But Im not sure yet. I need to look through my clothes.

    I'm jealous you've seen him. I want to sooooo bad!

  3. OMG. I demand you stop being so damn cute!! You're killing me!

  4. There is a blog award for you at my blog :)