Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Jeans

I want a nice pair of vintage or repro 1950s men's jeans. I want to have a pair to wear. I have a couple pairs of trousers and like them and I have seen a few pairs of vintage jeans that just make me swoon. But Right now as I am looking online I cannot for the life of me find a good photo or any good repro I can afford. Does anyone have any ideas? When I buy vintage pants I like them to have a higher waist. I like them to sit at my hips or higher. I don't care about company or anything. I do like when the jeans have the tightener on the back around the small of the back. Along with wanting some jeans I want to get a nice pair of overalls. But really I just need to get more shirts. I only have like 11 vintage shirts. I have a sewinig pattern but the sleeves are wonkey. If anyone has any men's sewing patterns for a chest size of about 38-40 I can pay you whatever you paid for them and give them a good home. I want to get a few shirt patterns and a blazer/jacket pattern. My dream is to find a trouser pattern but I know I won't find one.

I need to get back into sewing. I'm sad I've fallen out of it but my sewing machine is kind of broken and there is no one around to fix it.
Well I am on the hunt for jeans. If anyone can help I would love to work somthin out! This is one of the times when I get very jealous of ladies. THey get WAY better vintage clothes that is WAY easier to come by.


  1. Freddies of Pinewood make the best repro jeans, I can't speak on behalf of the men, but the ladies are pretty damn good.There is also a company called Old Woogies who are based in Italy who make the most gorgeous mens repro trousers, I've been wanting to buy a pair for my man for a while but find their sizing a bit confusing but the fabric they use is amazing and I'm pretty sure they do jeans as well.x

  2. Freddies of Pinewood make men's jeans, too. Don't know if they're as nice as the ladies jeans, though.
    -Andi x

  3. I have looked at the mens Freddies and they almost seem a little cheesey. I love the ladies jeans. Like I said you gals are lucky.

    I love looked at and fallen in love with Old Woogie jeans. They eve have the tightener in the back. But they would cost me like pwards of $300 which I can't drop on one pair of jeans.

  4. They are high waisted men's pants; to most of the people you'll meet on the street, if you're wearing 40s/50s style clothing head to toe, you'll look a bit cheesy. We put my best friends BF into some Dickies when we were at Viva, and made him wear them us, he looked wonderful, but to most people they think of Steve Urkell...NOT Cary Grant.

    Have you seen To Have and Have Not? Watch that, and take a look at Bogey's jeans, you can see them quite well at the start. Super high, buckle at back, baggy leg.

    The 1940s pair of mens Freddies have the buckle. With the exchange rate right now, its about $100 for a pair of Freddies...depending where you live, there may be a vintage shop in your city that sells them. There were 3 vendors at Viva with them, you'd have to email. Trying them on first would be ideal, but Freddies would be a good starter pair.

  5. OHHHH I didn't know Freddie made a new style of men's denim! Yay! Thank you! I love these! I'm going to email and ask about the rise of them! On the site they said they have a few American Vendors so I'm going to shoot them an Email now! Thank you!!!!