Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recent Thrifty finds!

$20 at a local used book store( Named after an Edgar Allan Poe story)
I love religious kitsch. I'm not into god and stuff (Gay kid raised baptist, they should expect me to revolt) for $4 I couldn't pass this up!
25 pieces. I don't like the color so I might sell it.

I've been all over lately! Sorry about the lack of posts! I had my KITSCHen shoot in Suburban Wonderland this weekend so I was gone for 4 days. and I have been trying to get it all edited etc. Also I have been babying two new tattoos( I decided to get two in one day, another 6 hours well spent)

Well with having this week off I have been trying to get a lot done but with all of my bills being due this week it makes it hard to thrift. And it does't help that I need new lights and its gonna cost me about $700. Which I don't have. I'm not sure how I'm getting it together but need to and soon because after m last shoot my lights just aren't doin' the trick.

By the way I started another blog as a make-shift website for KitschCake Photography, my pinup business!

SO if you like my work follow my blog!


  1. Love the pink elephants! I can just picture someone back in the day nursing a hangover on a Saturday morning, drinking their coffee and staring at those lil' guys. LOL!!

  2. I KNOW RIGHT! I have an extreme love for pink Elephant stuff. I wish it wasn't so expensive. I want the 40s barware but I dont have an arm and a leg to spare.

    My next tattoo is a Pink elephant with a martini glass