Thursday, June 24, 2010

One thing every vintage wearing girl should have

Is the peasant top. This is not a more versatile garment out there! Depending on how you add to it the peasant top can have either a 40s or a 50s look. I have a couple examples of different ways to wear them!

A basic Peasant top, nothing special right? NO, that is incorrect!
I love the off the shoulder look when it comes to peasant topping. It just screams(depending on the bottoms worn with it) 40s Europe or 50s Bad girl
If you belt it and wear a matching color pair of straight legged capris you have a great summer hostess look! With this red top I could do a black(or gold) wide belt then a tighter fitting high waisted capri in a Black( or a gold Lame, which would just be amazing) Throw on a pair of black flats and you've got an outfit that would be great for hosing any party this summer!
The 40s look! You can wear the top on or off the shoulder with a full printed skirt. With a curly do pulled to the side and a pair of wedges maybe a bangle or two and you've got yourself a great 40s looking outfit!
The same top can be used to do a great 50s look too! A high wasited wiggle or pencil skirt and a wide belt and a shoes in a matching color complete the look. Any lady who goes for this looks can look straight out of High School Hellcats with the top pulled down off the shoulders!

If you like the peasant top in this post I can make you one!
I figured since I need new lights I need a new method of making some money and since sewing is something I'm good at I figured I'd try my hand at selling my wares. SO if you are interested shoot me an email at
I was thinking of charging like $30 for one?
Is that fair? I'll make it to your measurements in the fabric of your choice. Mode Merr Charges $38 for one.
And if you send me fabric I will do it for $22


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