Sunday, May 30, 2010


You folks are gonna die when you see all of the stuff I've scored in the last day and there is more where that came from. There is this house at the end of my street that two spinsters lived in their whole life. Never threw anything away and filled every space in their house with stuff. One of them made all of her clothes cause she was 6 feel tall and a size 13 shoe. So I have found some AMAZING vintage dresses and patterns for cheap for the pinup costume closet. Iw ill take pictures tomorrow. We are showing the house in the morning so I have to hide it all. haha

GODDAMN I am excited like woah about this stuff. I seriously got like 20 pairs of stockings still on their carboard(One pair of Schaparelli stocking in the pink and black box) and I got like 20 more pairs that are from the 70s but still in packing for girls who forget stockings when they shoot. They still look good 50s or not.

I will start photographing I can't even process eveything yet. SO far I have spent $32. Be Jealous. I get to help go through the house on Tuesday. I am dipping into my savings for this. Who needs to pay or college? hahaha well I will but not yet!



  2. Well done you! Size 13 feet...seriously?!xxx