Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Per Rueby's Request, there will be no more vlogs

Heres the photos of my stuff I got yesterday. I don't think I will be able to do daily posts if I don't do a video(but lets hope I can) With the moving and packing and finishing Beck's Birthday stuff and tryin go get KitschCake off the ground paired with school and getting ready for finals I don't have the time to do everything the way I like it.

BUT here are the things I scored on Monday. I don't have any pictures of things I bought today. I can try to shoot them tomorrow but I doubt I will have time. But I did start sewing one of the patterns I bought. I'm tres excited about that!

Can someone please buy me a pair of Freddies of Pinewood men's 40s jeans with the buckle back? Please? Cause really, I can sew you somthing or take in your clothes or paint a picture or sell you something in exchange. I can also do a three outfit shootin exchange! thats like 12 pictures. C'mon. I really need them. And Im getting shitty hours at work, need to pay for car insurance and my thrifting this week. Let's face it. I'm throughly disappointed in a whole lot of things right now.


  1. Not my request! lol. I just wanted to be honest! Its my downfall sometimes I'm sure. I think vlogs have their place, just not for thrift finds :) Those ties, are wicked by the way. Especially the black one!

    As for the Freddies, have you tried Dickies worn properly or even Levis 501s? We made my best friends BF try on some Dickies when we were at Viva, and we made him wear them way up where they are SUPPOSED to sit. The design hasn't changed (on the classic ones) but the stylish way to wear them has. So, all you do is put 'em back up where they belong!

  2. Oh gosh I adore those bowties!!!
    -Andi x