Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweatin a sweater...well it's more a jumper

I've been working on knitting a sweater for, like 6 months. I can't constantly work on it, which sucks. But I've felt inspired today so im doing a bit of work on it. Im using a 1950s Crew Neck Ski Sweater pattern. Im going to alter the sleeve to make it have a short sleeve instead of a long one. I have a feeling I will never wear this one. Its kind of thick and It's not going to match any of my vintage, but it will look good with a nice pair of jeans so who knows. I started it when I was going through a minor goth stage. I go through them a few times year, I love goth and no on can stop me, we all have our guilty pleasures. Mine just happens to be Rasputina, Siouxsie Sioux and Jill Tracy)Back to why it wont match vintage. I made it in stripes, which isn't very anit vintage but its a purple and black stripe which is just gothy. But I dont mind. I know I will like to wear it during October when I usually feel the need to have a bit of creepy in my wardrobe.

SO I've never made a sweater before, and wow does this shit suck. I hate it but I know it will be worth it in the end. I know once I practice and I can do it I can do fancier things like knitting images into it. I want a cowboy sweater really bad. And I want one with some guitars and maybe some ones with atomic designs on it. And maybe make a silly kitschmas one and a cheesy one for halloween time. I love wearing sweaters sometimes, and I would love it more if I had exactly what I wanted(like a cowboy sweater)

Any pro knitters want to help me figure out how to make the sleeves short?

Actually, does anyone have a nice 1950s men's jumper pattern they would like to share. I can share what I have. I have a feeling I might not like this crew neck. so pretty much I might be looking for a whole new sweater pattern once I finish this one.
P.s. Im wearing my only pair of real glasses in the picture, all my vintage ones have no lenses, I can't afford that stuff!


  1. I can only give you my encouragements, brave young man. I assimilate knitting with torture.

    Show us the result.

  2. Well I thank you for your support! I think I might be able to finish the back today so I will post a picture later if I do!

  3. i am with big mama... knitting to me is something i have attempted, but don't nearly have the patience for!

    i love the picture of you knitting! too cute! heehee.

  4. I've been knitting all my life so it's one of the few things I do know. haha I hardly have the patience for it.

    Aww shucks. thanks!

  5. I have a few patterns for men's jumpers, and there may be some 1950s ones but I'm not sure if they're from the really big book which is too big to scan. I definitely have 1940s ones which would be scan-able. Email me if you're interested:
    -Andi x

  6. So last night I finished the back. then read the directiosn again to start the front and i figured out i did the back wrong. I didn't stocknet i did k1 p1 rib. goddamn. so now I need to start over. so Im just going to work on a cowboy sweaater. does anyone know about grid-ing out a picture?