Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Barkcloth Drapes

So this is one of my very good friends I shot on Friday night in front of a drapes that I bought a few months ago.
SO I bought these at a flea market for less than $20 to my recollection. It was four panels and all the fabric left from when the previous owners hemmed them. I love them and they were worth it and then some. But I have no where to hang them and I feel like they are going to waste just sitting in my sewing room. I might shoot in front of them some more. I might try to sell them. I'm actually not the happiest with how shooting in front of them came out.
The are very nice, and the pattern is cool! I want something atomic though. The leave are very true to Massachusetts' 50s designs. Atomic wasn't huge. Which really sucks, it drives up the cost and rarity of all the nice knickknacks and furniture. I hardly ever find blond furniture.


  1. Awww very cute Shane! When you come visit me this summer...I'll hook you up!

  2. I'll buy them, what is your price. I'm a psychotherapist trying to create a peaceful learning environment for my clients. I have a retro office with Danish furnishings , large windows and no coverings.
    I love the pattern and color, my only concern is the length. What is the length?
    Email me at Check out my space at

  3. They are lovely! Cute photo too.

    Count yourself lucky you don't live here in the UK where atomic stuff is even rarer and more expensive! ;)

  4. They are Amazing! I just found your blog by way of MaryD, and I just HAD to click follow it so cool! Come drop by 'Everyone Goes to Mick's'!