Thursday, April 28, 2011

Packing up again.

I did hop back into the vintage swing of things. THis was my outfit today. some 40s mens trousers(not the ones I wanted to wear today but these will suffice I guess) and a non-vintage but still old sweater. most likely from the 70s/80s. I just threw on some plimisols for basic footwear. I need to Shave, pretty bad. haha But I figure I would show you guys(via crappy web cam photos since my camera already made the move Im working on) what I looked like while I've been at school. I was really into goth again hahaha. Below is my outfit I wore while I was packing up my stuff and dancing around with my roommate. A pentagram shirt cut into a tank top(gift from the roomie) and my red shorts from H&M that I cuff shorter. oh yeah, and 6 inch black patent leather platform heels. No big deal.

So I am working on Move number 4 since August.
One from old to new house in Palmer,
One to Revere,
One to Beverly,
Now this one back to Palmer.

I am in the process of packing up all of my dishes. Again. I hate that part of the move. I have so much stuff. I am exhausted just thinking about packing and unpacking all of this stuff. and then setting up a whole new room. But this one is a bit bigger which is nice. I need to make some drapes for it and I need a new bed spread. I want a chenille one, I just don't know what color. my drapes are going to be made out of that green atomic print fabric I posted about a few months ago.


  1. youre not vintage at heart. i think youre desperate to fit in with any subculture, because you dont really fit in anywhere. but youre not brave enough to stick with vintage because it doesnt jive with another group that youre desperate to be accepted by. you need to find yourself. this is sad to watch.