Sunday, March 28, 2010


Oh we're goin' to a HuKeLau! HuKe, HuKe, HuKe, HuKe, HuKe HuKeLou!
Name that song!

Beck, Grace Black( Massachusetts Pin-UP Girl) and myself all went to the HuKeLau! It's a local Hawaiian theme restaurant! It's a good time, not kitsch enough for me but it does the trick when us vintage lovers want to go out to eat!

We spent the night talking about the car show season's much waited arrival. We cannot wait to get out and do things. This winter was a killer. I hardly found any good vintage! I can't wait for Brimfield Fair(which is really just a giant Flea Market)

I Have to start selling some of my vintage! Im kind of sad about it! I have been collecting for years! But it all is because of some big news! It's all worked out now that I am moving into Suburban Wonderland! Beck is amazing and letting me move into the cowboy room and make a photo studio in the basement! Her house is about 18 miles from the school so I will commute! I am so excited. Beck really is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I don't know what I would do without her.


  1. Don't forget to schedule a summer road trip with you and the gals to PA!!

    ~Mary Deluxe

  2. Oh don't worry! That is one thing I'm putting money aside for!